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Remember many moons ago when Facebook “Notes” was a really popular online tool for journal writing/diary entrances, or using it for a fill-in quiz, or explain why you like a certain quote or line from a movie? Am I too old and the only one who remembers this???

Well, I started using “Notes” when I took the plunge in 2009 and embarked on my first solo international trip abroad all the way to Buenos Aires, Argentina. I learned so much about myself during those six months in one of the most amazing places I had ever been to, and putting it all down on “digital” paper made me realize even more what a great and once in a lifetime experience I was living – although a little embarrassing when I re-read certain posts, but don’t we all have those moments!

Writing this blog is an introduction and the start to something that I think is going to be great to all who read it. Now that I’ve been living in France for over 3 years, I know I need to continue sharing my experiences just like I did when I was in Argentina, only this time I want to be there to help people with travel advice, starting a travel blog, creating content in your niche, etc. But! There are no limits and many more options to choose from (i.e. expat life, culture, food, lifestyle).

In addition to travel advice, I want to inspire people, as the name of my blog suggests, and I will dedicate each blog to something that I am inspired by at the moment. I would love to hear from my readers as well, so please leave me comments and questions at the bottom of each new post I publish.

Stay tuned for future content about my past trips in South America and my most recent trips around Europe and the rest of the world!



                                           Saint Nazaire, France - the place I've been calling home for over 3 years...

Go Get Inspired By…Quote: “What’s interesting is watching a person break through the limited perceptions of themselves…”   ~RuPaul Charles~