Copy Editing & Proofreading

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Copy Editing & Proofreading Just finish writing your 1st or 51st ebook, novel, article or report? A big Congratulations to you! Having another set of eyes to overlook your beautiful work is always a good thing. Even the best of writer's needs an editor. Even better? I'll take a look at your first page or chapter for FREE! So what exactly is the difference between editing and proofreading? I've got your answers. Copy editing services bring you solutions if you have any of the following questions or needs along the lines of: "Can you fix my writing mistakes for me?" "I just want the grammar corrected, nothing else." "How can these sentences be reworded?" "Am I using correct punctuation where it's needed?" "What are some possible options to make this paragraph clearer for readers?" Proofreading could be just what you need if you're asking answers "Can you give me some suggestions and ideas on my writing? I'll make the corrections on my own." "Are my sentences clear, concise and getting my point across?" "Does my story have a good flow to it?" "Am I going in the right direction with what I've written, so far?" "Have I written too much or too little?" After collaborating together, you'll leave with your story, article, or any other text cleaned up all sparkling and new, with the guarantee of readers wanting more!


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